15 Wonders Of The World You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

15 Wonders Of The World You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Mother Earth is full of beautiful places. Mountains that break the flow of clouds, islands that swim in endless waters, forests that go deeper than the roots of the ageless trees. Then there are monuments sculpted to precision or destroyed to perfection, no matter how fragile, still standing proud.

The world has so many sights for sore eyes, and some of these like the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China came to be known as the Wonders of the World. However, we believe that some were left out and had they been included, the list would’ve been much longer. Have a look at these unknown wonders of the world:

1. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Sprawling across 31 sq km, the summit battles with the clouds. The 400 meter tall cliffs on all sides have borders of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela respectively.

2.  Viñales Valley, Cuba

A karstic depression which in no way looks depressing. Set in Cuba, the valley looks like a Hollywood set of a fantasy movie.

3. Meroë, Sudan

This archaeological site in Sudan will take you back in time with ripples in the sand and the pyramid like structures standing resolutely. It was once the capital of the Kush Kingdom.

4. Mt. Maelifell, Iceland

Hard to believe that this is not computer graphics. The green moss covered volcano called Maelifell (Measure hill) is surrounded by cold streams & is right next to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

5. The Church of Transfiguration, Kizhi, Russia

No this isn’t the subject taught at Hogwarts. But the story behind it is magical. The original church was burnt down by lighting and legend says that the builder of the new one, who remains unknown, used one single axe to build the entire structure. It was made completely of wood and the axe was thrown into the lake.

 6.Home to beautiful flora & fauna with a landscape that perfectly compliments them.
7. Kamchatka Ice Cave, Russia

This magical place is also called ‘Dwarf’s Wonderland’. The caves are right next to a volcano and were formed by a stream that flows through glacial fields.

8. Pamukkale Pools, Turkey

A bath here can sooth your senses. The terraces are made of sedimentary rocks where water from the hot springs is deposited.

9. Rock Islands of Palau, Micronesia

The country of Palau is located in the Pacific Ocean and is spread across 250 islands in total. These islands are simply majestic and the aerial view is to die for.

10. Meteora, Greece

The monasteries are set among the skies and the word Meteora means exactly that in Greek. It translates to “middle of the sky” or “suspended in the air”.

11. Cathedral Gorge, Australia

The sunlight transforms into a spotlight highlighting the beauty within. It is located in the Purnululu National Park.

12. Ayutthaya, Thailand

Once part of a Siamese kingdom, existing from the 14th to the 18th century. The ruins are worth a visit.

13. Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Iceland.

One of the most scenic waterfalls in the world with a drop of 60 metres. It featured in the 6th season of ‘The Amazing Race’.

14. Forest of Knives, Madagascar

It will stab your heart with its beauty. The limestone formation scale over 70 meters and despite being so incredible & different, the forest is one of the least visited forests in the world.

15. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

The 7,000 feet volcano resides in the plains called the ‘Sea of Sand’. As destructive as it can be. When it is calm, it is a beauty.

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